You must have seen those sloppy dressers all around your surroundings they do not even have choice and a sense of dressing which leads to be having less respect as they expected. These days, people do not focus more on your words rather than they focus on your looks and the clothes specially. They do not give a dam of what you are talking about or trying to convey however, they will focus more on what brand of clothes you are wearing.

Few years back, I had noticed an incident while I was traveling in public transport, there was a girl in sloppy dress seems to be confused and asking the driver to which stop xyz shop will be. He grin and then said you should wait till I confirm you it’s quite far, she sat again and was looking at her wrist watch again and again. After few minutes she then asked another person about the same shop and he said that the shop has just passed by, the same seems to be shocked as to why the first person lied or the next person is lying to her! She didn’t even to whom she needs to be trust on.

The reason of mentioning this scenario over here is that the girl seems to be confused in a sloppy dress and people use to fool only that person who doesn’t seem to be confident and the clothes he/she is wearing are not up to the standard of the society. Also, the girl had the same understanding of looks the first person who was the driver was wearing dirty clothes and the other person to whom she asked about the shop was wearing clean clothes. Therefore, she came up to the decision that the person with clean dress won’t lie to her. We quickly build up our perception on the way we look on things and how they seem to us. There is a lot of difference when you look sharp with confidence because the clothes you are wearing leaves an ever lasting impact on the people surround you. Also, clothing sense is very important to meet the upcoming demand of the society.

We shouldn’t complain about how people judge us rather than we should focus on how we judge the society by its clothes. We quickly believe those people who seem to have good dressing sense and we build our stereotype on the same thing. Another best example of why you should be aligned with the current fashion trend is that, when you step up into a shopping mall you must have seen the small cabins where good looking girls and boys in neat and clean clothes are selling something new and ask you to try it out. At first glance you get the perception of neatness when you see them and their charming looks and well dress personality grabs your attention quickly and without any next thought you hop on the cabin to try out the new product which they are selling.

Legends is one of the most famous and selling brand in Karachi. Legends have a large variety of printed kurti price, unstitched suits prices. Wear and feel most gorgeous women in this glamorous world. It is extremely important that you keep an eye on the current fashion trend coming up every year and even month. The clothes you wear convey a silent message of your personality and if you are well groomed then people will think thousand times before saying anything to you. The clothes you are wearing are actually the mirror of your inner thoughts and the way you are. It is also very important that you should know what style suits you best and which doesn’t. Therefore, you should be very selective before choosing the clothes specially when you have to attend a new year party, a birthday bash or something like that.