When the sun is shining at its full peak and the people surrounding you are sweating from top to bottom then you need to understand that the summer season has started.  Summer is the season when you don’t want to step outside the house in the day time. Majority of the people hate this season because it becomes very difficult to work in this season and the most important thing is that what you need to wear when the summer season starts.

It is a fact that still for most of the people summer season is a blessing especially for the elderly people because they can’t survive well in the winter. The smiles are spread on most of the people when summer season comes because the days are longer to work. When this warm season has some dark side, than on the other hand it has a calmer connection associated with a human being.

It is better to dress thin clothes in summer to soak up the sweating you have. In summer season the days are long and nights are short therefore you have more time to float around the day and work like a pro. You may not know that in summer season a hormone is released known as happiness hormone when your body soaks up the sunlight. This hormone plays a vital role to make your mood and gives you a feeling of happiness when you are out in the day. Also, when you are exposed to sunlight then the feeling of sleep and laziness is faded away.

In different countries of the world the intensity of summer season hotness is also different. If you are a working woman then you need to make sure that whatever you are wearing in summer suits you best in terms of color and the thickness of the clothes. It is good to wear light colors in summer and with a soft fabric. There are few people who experience itchiness and feel uncomfortable throughout the season of summer whenever they start sweating. For such people, it is better to wear loose clothes in light colors because if you chose to wear dark colors in summer than you won’t feel comfortable.

It is extremely important that you stay inside the current fashion trend whether it is summer or winter because when the sun is hot you need to calm it down with the clothes you chose to wear. The bad thing that woman’s have to face in the season of summer is half-melted makeup and frizzy hairs, because everything goes down when the season is hot. It is better to wear lightweight linens through which the air can be passed instead of choosing the silky outfits that do not allows the breeze to pass on.

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You may know that every year thousands of people die just because of the heat-wave that runs in most of the countries. The hot season becomes tempering when the sun is swinging at its peak. Women tend to be the major victim of summer because they cannot wear short clothes in Islamic countries as the religion does not allows them to. It is better to wear airy summer dresses and try not to expose major part of the body in the sunlight because you won’t get the feeling of freshness and the only thing that you will have to cope up later is the sunburn. The sunrays are extremely dangerous to skin and causes irritation when it comes to step outside the facility or you have to work in the open air.